Save money AND the environment with the cutting edge in Oil and Gas production optimization: the Enercat

Oil and Gas production optimization has been a challenge since the earliest days of the industry: paraffin, asphaltene and scale deposition will affect all wells at some point. Popular methods like wireline scraping, chemical and hot oil circulation produce mediocre results at best and represent an ongoing cost to your operation. The Enercat tool is an all-in-one paraffin prevention and paraffin removal tool that also fixes your asphaltene and scale depositional problems.

The Enercat Tubing and Enercat TrimTool are the only methods on the market that will give you results day in and day out.

  • Stop wasting money on hazardous chemicals
  • Reduce your maintenance and operating costs
  • Protect the environment

Sounds too good to be true? Don't take our word for it - see what our clients have to say.

Consisting of a standard 4 ft production tubing pup joint, with a jacket containing a proprietary solid state quartz compound, Enercat is custom-fitted to each well to ensure the greatest asphaltene, scale deposition and paraffin prevention possible. Not your typical paraffin removal tool, there is no external power source and no need for ongoing maintenance: you pay only once and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Oil and Gas production optimization has never been this easy!

There are many products out there for asphaltene, scale deposition and paraffin prevention, but only one paraffin removal tool that takes care of all of these issues at the same time, while also keeping your employees safe, your well sites clean and your costs down.


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