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Enercat Data Sheet

If you are using metric measurements, visit the data sheet form for metric.

Company Name:
Well or Pool Name:
Producing Formation:
Email Address:

Well Data

Perforations: ft
Formation Temperature: °F
Vertical: Horizontal: Directional:

Production Characteristics

Current Daily Production: Oil bbl/day Water bbl/day
Anticipated Production: Oil bbl/day Water bbl/day
Gas/Oil Ratio:
Salinity: p.p.m.

Fluid Properties

Oil Gravity: °API Viscosity Poise:
Base Asphalt: % Paraffin: %
Gas Produced H2S: % C02: %

Well Equipment

Intermediate Casing: Size: in Depth: ft
Production Casing: Size: in PBTD: ft
Linear: Size: in PBTD: ft
Tubing: Size: in Landed: ft
Tubing Anchor: Landed: ft (If Yes)
Packer: Landed: ft (If Yes)
Type of Bottom Hole Pump:
PSN: Depth: ft
Special Pump Considerations:

Deposition Information

Paraffin: Depth: ftKb(If Yes)
Scale: Depth: ftKb(If Yes)
Ashphaltene: Depth: ftKb(If Yes)
Description of Deposit:

Current Treatment

Hot Oil: Frequency: (If Yes)
Chemicals: Frequency: (If Yes)
Wax Knives: Frequency: (If Yes)
Additional Comments:

Prefer to fill out the form manually? Download and fax the data sheet to (403) 255-2520.

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