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Attn.: Stu Laird

Stu, in response to your questions on the performance of the ENERCATS that were installed in

our wellbores for paraffin wax control. I will provide results on two of the wells I personally involved with.

Apache Anderson Beavertail b68-A/94-A-16.

This well is completed in the Halfway pool in NE British Columbia. During initial production periods the well was flowing and a bi-weekly dewaxing program was required to keep the tubing clean. The oil from this formation is quite light and the wax in it is categorized as soft. As the reservoir press. depleted, artificial lift was required In the form of a beam pump. For the first while we had problems with the tubing string waxing offWe tried a couple of different chemicals on a batch basis but continued to have problems. Your Enercats were then installed on the end of the tubing string during a workoverThis system eliminated our wax problem. From going from hot oiling the tubing on a regular basis to not having to hot oil once in three years, Its easy to see the benefits of the tools. They saved on costs, intensive labor, downtime and reservoir damage.

Apache Anderson Oak 09-28-86-17-W6..

Again a Halfway completed well but with intense wax problems. Hot oiling was tried, chemicals, and finally “bugs” were used to try and eliminate the problem. Problems with the well, and economics forced us to suspend the well and did not produce for an extended time frame. As a last ditch effort the Enercats were tried and we had instant success. Unfortunately, low production volumes warranted us using the surface equipment on another location. The well sat for approx.8 months, some surplus equipment became available and we tried the well again. The well initially flowed for us but the wax set up a couple of days later. Pump was unseated and a tubing volume of hot oil was used to free up the wellbore. The well continued to flow for approx. one month then the beam pump was put back in service. No more wax problems were encountered In the next eight months.

The ENERCAT tools we used in these two wellbores were definitely and asset in reducing costs, downtime and reservoir damage caused by hot oiling. For these applications I would highly recommend their use to anyone.


Max Mellafont

Apache Canada Ltd.