Esso Imperial Oil

Esso Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil Resources Ltd

Box 1180 Redcliff, Alberta



Attention: Brian Herman


Re: Enercat Wax Inhibitor Tool

As you requested, I am writing this letter to document that we (Imperial Oil) have recently tested the ENERCAT Tool in tow of our Oil Wells near Kindersley, Saskatchewan and are very impressed with the results relative to preventing Wax Deposition in our wellbores.

The tools were run in April 1996 on the two wells to prevent wax deposition and thus preventing the need to Hot Oil the wells. These are Viking Oil Wells that produce Medium to Light (+ 30 deg API) Oil. These two wells have an extensive history of Heavy Hard Wax depositions in the top half of the Rod/Tubing Strings and have to have large Hot Oil treatments to remove the was every 6-8 months.

Three months after running the tools, we pulled the rods on one of the wells to confirm that the ENERCAT Units were performing as claimed. The rods were found to have only a very light film of mushy was on them where they would normally have had considerable build up of Hard Wax. In addition, the Flowline has been pigged monthly since the units were installed down hole and the operator reports that there has been “No Wax” in the Pig Trap each time he has pigged it.

We are very pleased with the results of this test and will be installing more ENERCAT units on our problem wells in the future.

Yours Truly,


William Eckford

Operations Technologist

Redcliff Ab.