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Testimonial letter for the installation of the ENERCAT tool in well LV017X, La Vela Field, East Falcon, Maracaibo, Venezuela for the company Petrocumarebo, S.A.

One of the fields operated by the Joint Venture Petrocumarebo & PDVSA, SA is La Vela Field. The majority of the wells have problems with the deposition of paraffin in the production string which cause a continual gradual decline in production. Production in LVO17X dropped by 80% which was indicative of the other wells in the field showing paraffin build up.

For this reason, S.A. Petrocumarebo proposed the installation of five (05) ENERCAT tools in the production string of one of the La Vela field production wells РLV017X. This well had a decline in its production down to a daily rate of 30 BOPD. The highest rate that the well had produced in its history was 185 BOPD; however this was only on initial production and the well failed to maintain this daily rate.

The installation of five (5) EN ERCAT tools in well LV017I was on 28 March 2012 and was successful in increasing the production from 30B0PD to a peak production of 390 BOPD. With a choke reduction the well is producing at a stabilized rate of 200 BOPD. However, this work over also included gas lift and we have continued to observe no paraffin deposition in the production string or surface flow lines.

In view of the results obtained with the ENERCAT tool in well LV017X of the La Vela Field, Petrocumarebo is planning the installation ENERCAT’s in some of the other wells in the field. As previously stated this problem is very common in most producing wells La Vela Field as well as in some wells of the Tiguaje Field.


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Ing. Salvador Forrero
C.l: V- 12.356.098
Gerente Tecnico, Petrocurnarebc, S.A.