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PennWest Exploration Ltd.

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Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1S1

February 28th, 2013


High lifting costs can quickly shrink profitability in even the most prolific oil fields. Cardium production in the Carrot Crest and Wolf Creek yields in the Drayton Valley Superintendent Area was inconsistent on its best day. Heavy Paraffin deposition in tubulars and flow lines forced operations to organize hot oiling and wireline dewaxing treatments on a weekly basis just to keep the wells running.


In an effort to minimize the recurring downtime and remediation service costs needed to bring production back online after an unexpected interruption, Enercat tubing pup joints were installed on the following wells:


Carrot Creek

102/11-08-052-11W5 (installed 03/27/2012)

100/11-35-051-13W5 (installed 07/15/2012)

100/03-36-052-13W5 (installed 03/02/2012)

100/12-19-052-12W5 (installed 05/25/2012)

100/10-03-052-13W5 (installed 08/03/2012)

100/11-21-052-12W5 (installed 12/12/2012)

100/02-18-052-11W5 (installed 09/15/2012)

100/10-25-052-13W5 (installed 02/05/2013)

100/06-35-052-13W5 (installed 05/12/2012)


Wolf Creek

102/06-19-050-11W5 (installed 12/30/2011)


Since installation, the need for chemical programs and hot oil treatments, both continuous injection and batching, has been eliminated. To date, there have been no failures due to paraffin deposition or scale. Cost saving measures have also been realized from not having let rod strings soak in waxsol 24 hours prior to workovers.


I would highly recommend the Enercat to anyone looking to lower their lifting costs and produce their fields consistently.


Mr. Farid Kachra

PennWest Exploration Ltd.