Talisman Energy

Talisman Energy

July 19, 1999

Attn: Stu Laird

In May of 1996 an ENERCAT was purchased from Para-Tech Energy Services Inc. of Calgary. This unit was to be used at Talisman Energy Inc.’s A9-36-3-34 WI Hastings lease, located in southeast Saskatchewan.

The well had a severe wax problem. A new production line was installed and the well was tied into it, therefore, not requiring further use of Enercat.

The Enercat was installed in 1-4-6-34 W2 Arlington. This location was causing problems with flowline pressure. We used chemicals and had to Hot Oil the flowline to keep the pressure at a reasonable operating range. Our pressure trouble has been reduced since the installation and the chemical and Hot Oiling treatments have been stopped.

I am very pleased with what it has done for us at this location.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Jack Baker
Talisman Energy Inc.